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Greetings everyone!

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After the company was first established in 1994, it was later incorporated in 2014,
today WooGyeong provides total solutions from the design to manufacture to construction and after sales service of silencer and Water Capture Louver for generators to domestic & foreign shipyards and land power plants.

For the last 22 years, WooGyeong has grown by considering price, quality and delivery as top priorities for customers. WooGyeong will continue its efforts to enable premier sales / quality control / customer satisfaction, and contribute to society to become the legend in the industry.

All members of WooGyeong are continuing to make effort to not only possess top-quality technology in the silencer and water capture louver field for generators, but also to play important roles in contributing to the development of the industry as it relates to our lives.

Spring of 2016, there was a match of the century between the Baduk Master Lee Se-Dol (9th Grade) and AlphaGo. AlphaGo seemed to be impossible to defeat due to the limited capabilities of humans, but Master Lee continued to challenge AlphaGo and found a small bug in the system, and was able to exploit that weakness and gain a precious win against AlphaGo.
WooGyeong will embrace the same challenging spirit and creativity of Master Lee Se-Dol of creating something out of nothing, and making the impossible possible to lead the industry.

22 years of experience, but maintaining the passion at the very beginning. In these times of rapid change each year, WooGyeong promises to become a reliable partner for customers based on the creative spirit taking us one step forward.

Once again, we would like to send our gratitude for visiting our website, and we hope that our customers are full of love and blessings in the workplace and at home.